What is physiotherapy and how may it benefit you?

Physiotherapy rehabilitation is a crucial clinical field. After all, the battle against illness doesn’t end with surgery or treatment. Resolving motor and functional abnormalities, restoring the body’s resources, harmonizing broken biomechanics, and removing discomfort are all important.

Restoration of the former working capacity, return to a full-fledged way of life, directly depend on the timely started recovery program. To reduce the period of rehabilitation after surgery, to restore the work of the affected organs, to improve the overall quality of life, to return the patient to society: these are the tasks successfully implemented by experienced rehabilitation specialists ADONIS. Our specialists have given a second chance to a full life to thousands of patients, restoring freedom of movement without pain and restrictions. You can see this by reading reviews on specialized resources.

If you need an experienced rehabilitation specialist in Kyiv – find your specialist at ADONIS. We know how to regain freedom of movement.

What is the role of a rehabilitation specialist?

After accidents, diseases, procedures, and congenital disorders, the rehabilitation specialist is an expert in restoring normal quality of life.

The doctor examines the patient’s medical history, assesses functional and motor issues, and creates an individual rehabilitation plan. It also displays the reason for the procedure, the number of procedures conducted, clinical progress, and the emergence of new symptoms.

During classes, the doctor helps to restore:

  • movement in the joints
  • normal walking
  • skin sensitivity
  • muscular mobility
  • balance, coordination of movements.

Recovery can be accomplished by therapeutic physical activities, manual treatments, and the use of auxiliary procedures (tapes, massage rollers, etc.). ADONIS rehabilitation professionals collaborate with speech therapists and psychologists to restore cognitive activity, speech, and other abilities.

Rehabilitation methods in ADONIS:

  • Kinesiotherapy
  • Kinesiotaping
  • Acupuncture
  • Myofascial release
  • Shock wave therapy
  • Massage (manual, hardware)
  • Postisometric muscle relaxation (PIR)
  • Magnetic therapy and other hardware techniques
  • Breathing exercises (after pneumonia, COVID-19)
  • Therapeutic gymnastics (individual lessons with a physiotherapist)

When you need a consultation with a rehabilitation specialist

  • After COVID-19
  • Condition after stroke, TIA
  • Back pain of various origins
  • Cerebral palsy and other neurological disorders
  • Sciatica, neuralgia of any localization
  • Early and recovery postoperative period
  • Ligament, muscle damage (mobility impairment, pain)
  • Speech disorders, mental activity, mood swings
  • Joint and bone surgeries (endoprosthesis, osteosynthesis)
  • Accidents, injuries of any localization, burns, other accidents
  • Transferred heart attacks, coronary heart disease, other heart diseases

Areas of rehabilitation in ADONIS

In modern ADONIS branches all conditions for effective rehabilitation in many directions are created.

Rehabilitation following surgery

Any operation puts the body under a lot of strain. Pain, swelling in the intervention area, dysfunction of surrounding organs, scarring, and adhesions all diminish the patient’s quality of life. It is a complete physiotherapy program that will assist you in overcoming discomfort and living a life that is nearly unrestricted.

In modern medical centers in Europe, Israel, and the United States, a rehabilitation specialist must work in the surgical department team. Numerous studies confirm that the synergistic cooperation of the surgeon and the rehabilitation specialist ensures the return of the patient to a full life as soon as possible.

The experts of the Spaska branch rely on the experience of foreign colleagues and current research data. ADONIS Rehabilitation Center is equipped with all necessary modern equipment. Functional simulators, massage surfaces, tapes, a large selection of accessories: our experts have everything you need for a complete recovery.

There is a period of recovery after COVID-19.

In more than 98 percent of coronavirus infections, damage to the lungs and neurological system is found. However, whereas brain rehabilitation following COVID-19 can be done on a basic level, respiratory system restoration necessitates a more complete treatment.

Rehabilitation after pneumonia in ADONIS is carried out according to the author’s method of VV Kerestey, and aims to eliminate:

  • respiratory failure
  • oxygen starvation
  • asthenic syndrome
  • neurological disorders

As a result – patients recover, and even increase productivity, they get rid of discomfort, anxiety.

In osteochondrosis, discomfort is eliminated.

Back discomfort is one of the most prevalent symptoms of osteochondrosis, which is characterized by variable degrees of spinal hernia. Back discomfort affects one out of every three Ukrainians, according to statistics.

A simple exercise for rehabilitation for spinal hernia found on the Internet can do more harm than good. Wrong position, lack of warm-up, lack of control from the coach – a combination of these factors can lead to deterioration of the general condition. Comprehensive rehabilitation for back pain under the supervision of an experienced rehabilitologist is a better investment in your health, and in some cases a way to avoid surgery.

Neurological rehabilitation

If you need effective rehabilitation after a stroke, where the patient can really be helped – consult an experienced rehabilitation specialist ADONIS. Strokes (STIs), transient ischemic attacks, brain and spinal cord injuries – in these conditions, the need for rehabilitation increases with each passing minute. It is proved that timely comprehensive neurological rehabilitation can restore a full quality of life by almost 100%. During the classes, normal motor activity, sensitivity, and muscular strength in the affected areas are restored. Physiorehabilitation also helps to smooth out cognitive impairment and restore diction, which in general has a positive effect on the patient’s social life.

Experienced rehabilitation specialists ADONIS are successfully engaged in the rehabilitation of patients with lesions of the nervous system. The secret of success is many years of experience working with complex clinical cases, modern foreign recommendations and author’s methods for recovery after stroke. Pronounced clinical progress and positive results are the best confirmation of the expertise of our doctors.

Recovery after orthopedic surgery

Patients should be included in a separate category after operations with joint replacement, osteosynthesis, ligament plasticity, removal of muscle fragments, amputation of limbs. At orthopedic rehabilitation it is important to start recovery as soon as possible. Rehabilitation after surgery on the joints and musculoskeletal system in ADONIS includes:

  • elimination of pain
  • restoration of normal movement in the joint
  • restoration of physiological biomechanics of movement
  • elimination of pathological tone of adjacent muscles
  • preparation of the limb after amputation for fixation and wearing a prosthesis

Delayed rehabilitation can lead to limb deformities, muscle atrophy, and other complications.

Advantages of rehabilitation in ADONIS

  • A modern diagnostic and treatment center in the heart of Kyiv
  • Large selection of effective recovery techniques
  • Individual approach and empathy for each patient
  • Experienced rehabilitation specialists certified at the international level
  • Dealing with the most complex clinical cases (from stroke to COVID-19)
  • Possibility of detailed monitoring of the condition and clinical dynamics immediately on the territory of the medical center: holter monitoring, CT, MRI, consultations of neurologists, orthopedists

Rehabilitation: the price of consultation and course

The cost of an individual lesson with a specialist is influenced by:

  • type of occupation (kinesitherapy, massage, taping, etc.)
  • lesson duration (30, 45 or 60 minutes)
  • clinical qualification of the specialist

You can clarify the current cost of a rehabilitation consultation for your clinical case through the contact center.

The operator of the contact center will enter your data and write to the doctor at a convenient time.

Rehabilitation started on time – a chance for a full life. The best ADONIS rehabilitators will help you not to miss it.