Why us?

Our clinic at this moment is one of the most progressive and successful scientific and research center in this field in Ukraine.

Our team

We follow exceptional quality and safety standards. Our biotechnology team is one of the most experienced and innovative teams in Ukraine. We have more than 14 years of scientific experience in this field.


We are accredited by the Ukrainian Ministry of Health and have all necessary licenses and permissions from the Ukrainian Government.

Personalized treatment

For each medical situation we make a multidisciplinary concilium to plan the most effective treatment with the best possible outcome. We prepare the most efficient dosage and variety of stem cells according to personalized medicine guidelines. We are not about quantity but about quality.

Comfortable staying

We have a personal coordinator for each patient, that provides all the necessary informational support as well as translation, and monitoring 24/7.

Our specialities

Cultured stem cells promote regeneration processes, improving the appearance and elasticity of the skin. Your own cells can become protected for your skin and restore its function.

Comprehensive therapeutic treatment with stem cells in Vitality medical center clinic contributes to slowing aging and improving health and longevity in general.

Prevention program for comprehensive improvement of the organism for patients aged over 40.

Comprehensive therapeutic treatment with stem cells in Vitality medical center clinic contributes to:

be able to replenish lost cells and promote neuronal regeneration,
protect neuron survival as well
play a role in overcoming permanent paralysis and sensory loss and restoring neurological function

What are the effects of stem cell therapy for Macular degenerations
Stem cell treatment makes 63% of eyes experienced improvement in visual acuity averaging 27.6%
The visual acuity remained stable in 34% of treated patients with macular degeneration.

Comprehensive therapeutic treatment of osteoarthritis with stem cells in Vitality medical center clinic contributes to:

Release proteins (cytokines) that slow down cartilage degeneration and decrease pain.
Regeneration of cartilage and bone tissue.
Regeneration of cartilage and bone tissue.
Increase in motor and functional activity of the affected joint.
Acceleration of fracture healing.
Better clinical scores and radiological outcomes.
Improvement in neurological function at 6 months in 10/20 patients in the treatment group.
Higher muscle power and contracture prevention.
Increased range of voluntary motions.
66.7% of patients showed recovery of somatosensory evoked potentials.
Improvement of joint, cartilage, and ligament tissue quality.

The therapeutic effect of stem cells helps with such diseases as diabetic feet, non-healing ulcers, where stem cells therapy accelerates the regeneration process.
Stem cell therapy using mesenchymal stem cells promotes tissue regeneration, better functioning of internal organs and systems.

Lots of studies suggest that injection of MSC promotes the differentiation of germ cells and/or stimulates gonadal tissue development.

Using MSC, we can achieve positive effects in those clinical cases, which were non- perspective in view of traditional options of therapy. The positive effects might be expected:

  • a higher amount of sperms in ejaculate or patients can even start producing sperms in cases with confirmed azoospermia;
  • decrease, or complete elimination of inflammatory changes in ejaculate;
  • increase in the amount of morphologically mature (non-defective) sperms in ejaculate; better sperms motility;
  • increased duration of the relapse-free period in men with inflammation of male reproductive system (compared to traditional therapy);
  • improvement of erectile function.

Positive effects were reported in 41 % of cases 6-9 months after stem cell therapy.

We are using successful renewal therapy in case of thin and non-receptive endometrium, amenorrhea, hypergonadotropism, hypoestrogenism, early menopause.

Stem cell therapy is an attractive modern way to regenerate bones and teeth.

The concept of regenerative dentistry is especially applied in the fields of periodontics and implantology.

Also, the use of stem cells may represent an important window of opportunity for faster and predictable bone remodeling.

A tissue bioengineering strategy to regenerate and/or enlarge the bone crest using mesenchymal stem cells is an excellent option to be considered for more extensive orthopedic procedures such as dentoalveolar anomalies (cleft lip and palate), temporomandibular disorders, osteogenic distraction and expansion of the upper jaw.

Comprehensive therapeutic treatment of diabetes mellitus with stem cells in Vitality medical center clinic contributes to:
Diabetes mellitus, type II
Complications of diabetes mellitus of type I and II
Violation of carbohydrate tolerance

Treatment of the POST-COVID syndrome, consequences of which include:

lung damage;
joint and chest pain;
occurrence of blood clots;
vision problems;
memory impairment.


We have check-up programs for men, women and general.

Check-up (health screening) can assist to identify problems with health in their beginning time or even before they begin. Early diagnosis may grow the chances for better treatment and healthier life.

A check-up is a 1-day screening method that shows your health status. Based on it you receive recommendations for further treatment if needed.



Our Packages

Stem cell in POST-COVID

For men
  • 18+ patient`s exams included
  • 1 doctor`s consultation
  • Complex: MSC cell material from the umbilical cord 30 million and injection intravenously
  • Medical follow up for 1 year
  • 24/7 support
  • Translation
  • Transfer
  • Accommodation


  • 20+ patient`s exams included
  • 2 doctor`s consultations
  • Complex: MSC cell material from the umbilical cord 100 million and injection intravenously
  • Medical follow up for 1 year
  • 24/7 support
  • Translation
  • Transfer
  • Accommodation

Men’s strength

  • 20+ patient`s exams included
  • 2 doctor`s consultations
  • Complex: MSC cell material from the umbilical cord 80 million and injection intravenously
  • Medical follow up for 1 year
  • 24/7 support
  • Translation
  • Transfer
  • Accommodation

Endometrium regeneration

  • 20+ patient`s exams included
  • 2 doctor`s consultations
  • Complex: MSC cell material from the umbilical cord 30 million and injection intravenously
  • Medical follow up for 1 year
  • 24/7 support
  • Translation
  • Transfer
  • Accommodation

Feedback from our patients

My experience with ADONIS was great. It was very helpful to have Iryna help as my coordinator for appointments and any help with translation. I was lucky to find a nice hotel hostel near the clinic (walking distance) in the old town. The drive to the woman’s hospital was fine but a bit far away… –Kyiv is big! (vs. Lviv…) . And thank you for taking me as a patient on short notice.

It was good to have a thorough medical examination and LOTS of blood work (which I hope will not have to be repeated if I come again for a second dose of umbilical stem cells).
The doctors were all professional, educated, and informative.
I hope to see an improvement in my ovarian function in 1-3 months (e.g a return of my menses….) due to peri-menopause.
I would not repeat the injections for the hands/face/decollage as they were a bit painful even with the numbing cream, and perhaps an IV infusion is better…..?
I have not seen an improvement yet….but I hope to….
I would come again for an IV infusion if the cost is not to high…..
Overall a great experience, very professional. The other clinics I contacted in US were more geared towards knee issues and the doctors were not trained ob/gyn’s, despite their stated lower cost…..

Getting thru airport customs is always challenging but as this was my 2nd time in the Ukraine – not to bad…..


I am undergoing an anti-aging stem cell treatment program. The first injection was intravenous, after a month the metabolism accelerated, the outflow of lymph (before this procedure I went for lymphatic drainage massages) my legs stopped swelling, I felt better, my body weight decreased. After the procedure of subcutaneous injection of stem cells in the face and hands, after 3 months the result: improved skin color, the skin became elastic, small wrinkles disappeared, the oval of the face tightened. The skin on my hands has become more elastic, there is no dryness, the appearance is much younger. I am very satisfied with the procedures.

Svitlana Yanshina

Cell therapy is one of the most modern methods. How happy I was to see that the Vitality Clinic next to me has an incredible world-class lab and experience! Of course I signed up right away. As for the service: I was met, always answered additional questions, and I had so many, I was somehow very worried before the procedure, and even about 21 my coordinator politely reassured me)) I remembered the day of the procedure on a sunny morning , friendly smiles and no fear at all) now it is not so many days to describe in detail all the results, and very embarrassing to write about their problems. But I will say yes, I am satisfied and recommend!

Katerina Zhukova

I want to share my experience of stem cell rejuvenation.
The injections were in March intravenously and subcutaneously. She endured the procedures well. within a month I felt an improvement in general condition, and for another 1-2 months I saw a decrease in nasolabial folds + visually the skin became softer, the complexion improved. In general, I am satisfied with the procedure.

Lilia Papenko

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    The innovative Stem cell therapy is already in Ukraine. Our most skilled medical assistants and informational support are waiting for you in the Vitality Stem cell clinic, which is part of the renowned ADONIS Medical Group of Companies. The whole treatment full cycle process, equipment basis and experienced staff are ensured with the help of ADONIS clinics.

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    We provide the treatment using Stem cell capacity. Stem cells regenerate your body on a daily basis. Vitality Medical centre helps them do it more effectively.

    It is an effective and safe treatment tool to overcome diseases, general rejuvenation and recovery of the body. All our programs are created especially for your needs.

    ADONIS long-term experience on the world stage introduce many benefits for your best results:

    • ADONIS’ own biotechnology laboratory and cryobank for the highest control of the Genetic material and Stem cells for your treatment programs
    • Full cycle of Stem cell treatment on the one basis to ensure the quality and provide the comfort for the clients
    • Only scientifically based medical decisions with reference to patient’s case history and medical indications
    • Long-term experience of the medical practice with the skilled professionals in the field of world Stem cells clinic attainment


    Vitality is about medical centers with the high desire to make people’s lives better and happier. Stem cell in Ukraine is the perfect opportunity to experience the new level both of treatment and life.

    Comfort and help provided

    Vitality treatment centre cares about the comfort of every client, that’s why in the one line with high quality Stem cell proposals (accurate diagnosis, doctor’s individual consultations, medical follow up for 1 year), we ensure additional services which include translation, transfer, 24/7 support and many others.

    World Stem cells clinic reviews confirm the highest level of Vitality Medical & Research center and Programs proposed.

    The number of happy patients after Stem cell therapy is incredible. Join the people who are already feeling the results of the next generation medical assistance in Vitality.

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